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Acrobatic - trampoline

Adult fitness

Adults circus

Circus arts mix


This class will offer a great warm-up, condition and a little bit of everything.

We will work on ground skills, basic acro on the air track, trampoline, hand eye manipulation and aerial skills. 

Monday - 7-8h30 pm

7 week session- $265

Dates: Jan. 27th - March 16th

No class on Feb. 10th

Wednesday- 7-8

FITBOUNCE! WE will include aerials, great for any rusty circus artist wanting to have fun while working out!

8 week session-$220

Dates Jan. 29th-March 18th 2020

Partner work


You like team work! This is the class for you. We will warm-up in partners, condition and work on various weight transfers. You will learn basic partner acrobatic skills and might even have a chance to try a bit of partner work up in the air!

Tuesday - 7h30-9pm

7 week session - $265

Dates: Feb. 4th -March 17th 2020



Fitbounce, Stretchtastic are other great classes you can join! New fun twist to a workout!