School outings - sortie scolaire


Come out with the whole class

Cirquetastic is excited to greet students into their own studio! Students will be initiated to the circus arts in a safe and fun environment.

We can accommodate  1 class at a time. ( About 25 students)

Duration: We can offer 45 min. , 1 hour or 1.5 hrs workshops

Fee: Please contact for more information .

Teachers, this is a unique way to add gymnastics and dance to your Physical Education curriculum! The students will love you!


Ground skills

Focusing on team work, hand eye coordination, self confidence and balance, each student will have the chance to learn to juggle, balance objects and walk on a barrel or low wire. NEW ! Integrating a dance movement play into  a group warm-up will get the kids laughing and having fun!


Aerial skills

This is where the students get to leave the ground and enjoy being in the air. Initiation to the aerial arts : trapeze, climbing a rope or silk and relaxing in an aerial loop will bring joy to each and everyone one of the students!